12 June 2019

The Biotope UK office is open!

Biotope is now an architectural practice with offices in York, UK, and in Vardø, arctic Norway. Since the very beginning of the Biotope adventure, after moving to Vardø in 2009, we very quickly connected with the UK nature conservation community. For many years now we have collaborated and worked with a wide range of great people and nature conservation organisations in UK. We have also been commisioned to do several architecture projects in UK. We love engaging with nature conservation and ecotourism projects, and in UK we very much enjoy working with so many passionate people with whom we share the passion for connecting people with nature. In short: we just had to start the UK office!  >>> www.biotope.org.uk <<<

The RSPB Wallasea nature shelter, by Biotope. Photo G.White.
The Biotope UK office is led by Benjamin Costello, qualified architect (ARB) and project manager (APM) with many years of varied experience. He works closely with Norwegian architect and Biotope founder Tormod Amundsen and the rest of the Biotope team. 
Biotope UK is now open for business for all your nature project needs.
Feel free to contact us:
Benjamin Costello (Architect and UK office Managing Director):
email: ben@biotope.org.uk // mob: 0044 7923 970650
Tormod Amundsen (Architect and UK office Design Director, Biotope founder)
email: tormod@biotope.org.uk // mob: 0047 9933 4982 
Find the Biotope UK office online at www.biotope.org.uk
We also appreciate if you check out our Biotope UK Facebook or Biotope UK Twitter!

Many thanks!
Tormod Amundsen / Biotope Norway & UK

By the way, here are a couple of links to a couple early Biotope / UK collaborations and projects:
Bird festival: https://www.biotope.cloud/2012/04/gullfest-2012-birding-to-people.html
Biotope tour in UK: https://www.biotope.cloud/2013/05/intelligent-design-rspb-minsmere-nature.html
Biotope UK tour, on bird hides: https://www.biotope.cloud/2015/02/birding-architecture-bird-hides-nature.html

Biotope UK architecture
The RSPB Saltholme bird hide refurb, design by Biotope

UK project in progress