12 June 2019

Biotope archives

Dear reader: 
This website (www.biotope.cloud) is no longer an active and updated website. This is the former www.biotope.no website which used to be our website / blog. The website features more then 100 articles or blogposts we have continously shared here since 2011. We have decided to keep it all online as a public archive. Many of the articles serve a lot of visitors to this website with all kinds of architecture and nature content. We have now moved on to make a new website on www.biotope.no (coming up asap!) in addition to our Biotope UK website found at www.biotope.org.uk

Biotope is expanding our engagements, hence this re-organising of content. We hope you enjoy this website as the historical archive it now is. Feel free to connect with us on our new domains or on our various social media. Thank you!

The Biotope UK office is open!

Biotope is now an architectural practice with offices in York, UK, and in Vardø, arctic Norway. Since the very beginning of the Biotope adventure, after moving to Vardø in 2009, we very quickly connected with the UK nature conservation community. For many years now we have collaborated and worked with a wide range of great people and nature conservation organisations in UK. We have also been commisioned to do several architecture projects in UK. We love engaging with nature conservation and ecotourism projects, and in UK we very much enjoy working with so many passionate people with whom we share the passion for connecting people with nature. In short: we just had to start the UK office!  >>> www.biotope.org.uk <<<