26 March 2014

Pacific Eider in Vardø - again!

Mega in Varanger: Gullfest 2014 strikes gold! 

The worlds northernmost bird festival, Gullfest have just ended. From the 19-24th of March we have had the pleasure of birding Varanger with a great group of new and old friends. A full blogpost on this years main birding event in the Arctic will come, but this is much more of a rush post: It has been more then a month since the first ever European (WP) record of Pacific Eider in Vardø

13 March 2014

Gullfest 2014 - the Arctic bird festival is on!

 The northernmost bird festival in the world is back again. We are very excited to launch the third Gullfest in Varanger. We are celebrating the amazing birdlife in Varanger / Arctic Norway and this year we are proud to present a group of very dedicated birders as keynote speakers and contributors! 

As you can see on the Gullfest 2014 poster we are arranging this years Gullfest as a grand tour around the Varanger Peninsula. Our aim with Gullfest from the first event in 2012 was to invite a few birder friends from around the world to join us in Varanger, and to share knowledge and enthusiasm for birding with people living in Varanger. Gullfest started in Vardø, and now we aim to take the bird festival on tour!